Jameson Vacations Reviews Safety Tips from Top Travel Experts

As the world embraces the new norms as a result of COVID-19, we are now experiencing new ways of traveling. If you and your fellow travelers are ready to jump on a plane or cruise, it is important to stay safe and healthy as this virus continues to progress. Although we all deserve a break, we should also prioritize our health and safety. Read on as Jameson Vacations reviews safety tips from top travel experts. 

Helping you stay safe and healthy is as important to us as much as it is to you. We have asked travel experts to share their tips and advice to prepare you for your upcoming travel adventures. 

Tip: Plan to Be More Prepared than Before

There is no doubt we have all traveled enough times that we have packing down to a science, and planning an itinerary can be done in a snap. However, being more prepared to handle every COVID-19 restriction, mandate, and regulation to keep you and your travel companions healthy is just another process added to your travel plans. These tips can help you be more able to adjust to the COVID-19 changes and find relaxation during unpredictable times.

When traveling…

Tip: Research is a Priority 

With every new change associated with COVID-19, your travel preparations now require some additional research to ensure that you can have some enjoyment during these challenging times. Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing where you might want to travel. 

Make sure to really do the research about the destination or get a travel advisor to help you research. Many countries, states, and counties all have different rules around what you can and cannot do. You must be vigilant in understanding if you need to wear a mask at all times or what is open. This research will help you set the right expectations for your trip!

Consider resorts that are smaller and choose a resort that you are okay with staying in. If things aren’t open, it’s important to know that you may be spending more time at the hotel than you would on other vacations. Also, smaller resorts will give you more space to spread out.

Consider a vacation that lets you get outdoors, but book ahead! Domestic travel to the national parks is expected to increase but most likely will have reduced capacity. Make sure to book ahead!

Tip: While Traveling – Stay Healthy

Although you are desperate to take a vacation, the thought of traveling safely and staying healthy during COVID-19 can take a break. Read on for some great tips for travelers to stay healthy during their travels.

When traveling, it’s important to take care of your physical needs. We can still use essential vitamins and nutrients and adequate sleep to prepare our bodies to combat anything we encounter. Adding a few nutrient-dense foods to your road trip snacks can make a big difference to overall health. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night has also been shown to boost your immune system.

It’s also important now more than ever to have an emergency health plan. When looking at hotels, flights, and sites to see at any destination, it’s also important to look for hospitals and pharmacies in the area. Even if it seems unlikely you’ll get sick, it will still provide peace of mind throughout your vacation.

Tip: Current Cruising Requirements

Our cruising partner, Margaritaville at Sea (formerly Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line), wanted to share important information regarding Covid sailing protocol. The Bahamian government has recently updated its policies regarding visiting guests. Please read the list carefully to make sure you understand the current vaccination requirements.

Click here for more information about Margaritaville at Sea’s travel and testing requirements.

Jameson Vacations Reviews: How to Stay Healthy and Travel Safely

Nearly everything in the world has changed, including how we fly, relax, and discover new places. Many people want to get away and rest, but they want to be safe and healthy to enjoy a nice vacation. Take the time to research these tips to make your trip more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

We hope you have found this Jameson Vacations review helpful. Please reach out to our team at (954) 871-2860 if you have any questions about traveling safely.